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Plagramme Plagiarism Checker - Easy, Cheap and Simple 2018


Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else written work, and claiming it to be your own.

It’s a practice that isn’t easy to detect, and when it is, it’s normally expensive.

Plagramme Plagiarism Checker
Plagramme Plagiarism Checker

Well, not anymore, not with the plagiarism checker we’ve bought here today.
Not only is it extremely cheap, it’s also easy to use.

Who Needs Plagiarism Checker? 

Anyone and everyone who deals with digitally written content. Are you a teacher? What if your students are copying from one another?

Plagramme plagirarism checker is already being used by a number of teachers around the globe to check their students’ works in seconds!

Or maybe you’re a student? Need to check which of your friends’ copied your work?

Or maybe you’re a blogger, or a creative writer, and aren’t sure if your team is honest and have to check that each document you receive is completely unique.

In either case, Plagramme will come to your rescue.

How many times have you been surprised because your marks were deducted even though You had the same answers as Your friend and You had no idea why?

Or, your team delivered an article and your site was taken down because of copyrighted content?

So basically, If you need to make sure the content you have is 100% unique, has never been used before, that’s when you should be using Plagramme. It’s not expensive, but sure as hell it can save you a lot of money.

Using plagiarised content isn’t only morally wrong, it’s also a punishable crime, sometimes the fine leading up to millions of dollars, so yeah I’m pretty sure you’re getting the idea of why you need Plagramme, aren’t you?

How does Plagramme Work?


You basically need upload the two documents you wish to compare. First, you’re prompted to upload the first document.

Plagramme Plagiarism Checker

Plagramme will then analyze your document, you can speed up the process using credits.

Plagramme Plagiarism Checker

Something else that totally deserves a mention is that, I uploaded the same document after a period of around 48 hours.

Why? Well I needed to check if the tool " saves“ my older articles, in which case this new article would‘ve come up as ‘plagiarised‘, but well it didn‘t.

Which proved to me that it doesn‘t save or keep record of checked documents. You may see the results of the same document below.

Plagramme Plagiarism Checker

The detailed report shows us the “original sources” of the copied content on the right-side, and a single click generates the original source as well.

Plagramme Plagiarism Checker

The complete report gets you the following:
  • Paraphrase 
  • Improper Citations 
  • Matches

Moreover you can click and get a more detailed report, which colour codes the plagiarised sentences in red so you can verify and compare it with the original source.  

Any user can download the file only by clicking on “cloud” icon,  and edit it as he/she wishes.

What are Credits for?

Credits is basically the currency of Plagramme. Those are what’s used to speed up checks and many other things.

You can either buy them directly, or get them for doing various things for Plagramme, such as :

1) Sharing them on Facebook/ Twitter / E-mail ($1 Each) 

2) Or, Trusting them on TrustPilot or Sitejabber - $3 each

Anyone with basic English-knowledge can use and operate Plagramme. That’s what makes it student-friendly. You don’t need rocket-science.

The whole process takes around 1 minute at max, from uploading your document to be it analyzed by the tool and you getting a report (although it might depend on the file-size).

The maximum file size allowed is 50MB, which I’d say is more than enough for most teachers, students or any other professional out there needs.

Final Words on Plagramme Plagiarism Checker:

Plagramme plagiarism checker may or may not be the best universally, but it’s without doubt the best at this price and with this kind of simplicity.

All you have to do is select your document, upload it and wait for results! It’s all automated and takes just a few minutes.

Considering how it’s already trusted by thousands users across the globe I didn’t see a reason why I shouldn’t give it a try and I must say it didn’t disappoint me.

So this was all about Plagramme Plagiarism checker - easy, cheap and very simple plagiarism checker tool.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

Are you going to give it a try? Please let me know in the comments below.

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