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Keep Your Android Clean with Google's Files Go

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We are living in the world where our phones continuously receiving or producing the data. Social media like Whatsapp, Facebook are some of the conventional sources that dumped the junk and unwanted files on our phones.

Cleaning up these unwanted files from Android phone, not an easy task because sometimes we also have very few important data among the garbage.

You might have used cleanup files for that. But we all have the same experience about the various cleanup files that they are useless and they just many times deleted important data as well.

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But Android master google identified your problems and developed the Files Go Cleanup app for you.

Files Go File Manager cum Cleaner App By Google

I know you think that this is just another Cleanup app on the play store. But wait this is not a simple cleanup app. The google Files Go is more ahead on this domain, and it is using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning which makes it smarter and makes your job very easy to identify and clean up the Junk files from your Android phones.

And also don’t assume that this is just a Garbage cleaner for the Android. It has more features than that. It may become future’s default Android file manager too which are generally vendor-specific and very low featured apps.

Files GO File Manager By Google

Download Files Go Cleanup App from Play store.

Features of the Google Files Go Android Application.

1 . Free up more space

Files go have the faster and efficient file cleaner ever. You can quickly delete app caches, Temporary files, unwanted files from your phone like images, videos, etc. Files go also find out the duplicate files from your phone. And it is also able to identify the similar looking photos that seem like a duplicate.

2. AI-based Smart Recommendation system

We told that Files go leveraging the power of Artificial intelligence and the machine learning. It recommended more smartly and accurate as you use the app more.

Files Go Junk File Cleaner By Google

3. Encrypted File Sharing

Files go can securely share the files in LAN with WPA2 encryption. So that there is no fear of the theft.

4. Backup your files to any cloud

By using the Files Go you can store online in any cloud provider’s storage service. So there is no loss of the data in case of the loss of the Android smartphone.

Files Go By Google

5.  Search  the files faster

Using the filters, you can find your files even faster than the traditional directory search.

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6. Lightweight Application

Files Go only consumes less than the 6 Mb your phone storage and consumes less processing power.

Over To You

We recommended you to give a try to the Google’s Files Go once over the other legacy cleanup and the storage manager application.

However, Files Go have not still all features that other storage managers like ES explorer. But in future, it may become the default Android file manager too.

To take more advantage of this cleanup files, you have to train it by using more and more because this is the machine learning based application which learns from your usage.

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