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11 Google Search Tricks for 2018

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We can not imagine the internet without the google search and other google’s product. Even Google has now become the synonym of the Internet search. Best google search tricks ever.

We often write about the hidden facts and of the google such as our recent article on the Top 7 Google search hidden games.

Today again I come with some of the best google search tricks ever that you even can not imagine that the Google is so cool in keeping their user happy.

Google Search Tips

Google search games, Google gravity, Google doodles in special occasions are such an example of the Google's effort towards making user happier.

Today I will tell you about the best google search tips that will help you in your everyday life as well some that you can use as the time pass fun.

Best Google Search Tips that  You Should Know

1. Barrel Roll

Google Search Tricks for 2018

To make someone astonish this is the best google hidden search hack ever.
By typing “Do A Barrel Roll” in Google, Google search screen rotate by 360 degrees.

This trick will work on desktop as well as the Mobile screen.

2. Flip A Coin

Do you often need to flip a coin? Now after don’t look in a pocket or for any application. Just Type “Flip A Coin” in the Google and Google will flip the coin for you.

3. Roll a die

11 Google Search Tricks

Like the flip, a coin google will also roll the six-sided die for you. This search trick is the simplest alternative of the physical dies.

4. Tip Calculator

Google search and tips and tricks

I Can bet that you never ever imagined before that that Google can also calculate the tip for your waiter in hotels bill.  Just typing Tip Calculator in google the tip calculator opens in the search result.

You have to enter the total bill and the percentage that you want to give to your waiter as a tip. It will also calculate the tip per person.

5. Search for two queries in the one result.

If you want to know about the Two things simultaneously then use OR between two queries you will get the two search results.

E.g. By typing the “Smartphone OR Paris”  you will get the search result for Paris as well as the smartphone both.

For this query make sure that you will Use Capital letters in the OR.

6. Places to visit in certain area or city

If you want to quickly and the informative search of any Tourist location of particular place than the google this google search tip is for you.

Type the “LocationName Attractions” in google search and you will get the tourist places of that location quickly.

7. Day after N days

Best Google tips and tricks

If you want to quickly calculate the day after the N day then just type the “what day is it in 10 days”. You can get the day name instantly in the search result.

8. Flight status

11 Google Search Tricks for 2018

You can also get the live flight status without using any application and service just by typing the “Flight status _flight number” you will get the live status of the flight.

E.g. Air India 102 you will get the live status of a flight by using this Google hack.

9. Askew

Best google tips and tricks

This is again the fun google trick. Askew means the not in straight level position. By typing “Askew” in google search the search result will get slapped by 30 degrees. This can make astonish to your friend.
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10. Sunrise and the Sunset time

You can get the sunrise and the sunset time of any city or place just by typing the place name _surise / _sunset.

E.g. New Jersey sunset

11. Timer and Stopwatch

Google tricks and tips

This is my favorite google search trick that makes me productive. You can set the timer that you can use to set the goal and also useful in the games that require the timers.

By typing the search phrase you will get your timer and stopwatch in the search result.

Over To You

So this is all about the best google search tips that are tested and working in 2018. If you like this trick then please hit the share button and share this tips with your friends on social media.

If you know some other tips than this then you can share your tips in the comments box below. You can also subscribe to Tech Sanhita newsletters to get the latest post directly in your inbox.


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