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Best Google Search Games That You Can Play in 2018

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Today Google totally amazed me! You may ask how? What Google does with you so that you got amazed?

So Google did nothing but it gave me the best google search games.


Let me told the whole story in short...

Actually, I am searching for the Tic Tac Toe game online. I just typed the Tic Tac Toe in google search and I amazed! Do you know what google gives me? It shows me the hidden google games in the search. It gives me the google tic tac toe game to play with google search itself without downloading or even going to another site.

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Then I also searched for the while and get another Google Image search games that I can directly play on the google.  There are some google doodle games as well.

Today I am going to share the games that I have found that you can play and believe me all the games you will going to love very much.

Best Google Search Game - Tic Tac Toe

This google games may be the best source to get out of your boredom. You can even play this games on your workplace without installing on your pc or going to any harmful site. Just typing a game name on the google.

So the best Google search and Google Homepage games for 2018 are as follows.

Best Google Search Games.

Pac Man

Google search games - Pac Man

Pac Man is one of the oldest game created in the Japan in 1980. It played a lot in the video games and people still love this games. If you loved Pac man ever and wanted to play instant then why are you waiting? Just search Pac Man and the google search game is there for you.

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Google search games -Snake

The snake was popular when we were using Nokia phones. Most of them have the built-in Snake game and we played even whole day this game. Because in that time we don’t have smartphones so there is only one option.
But we loved it and again in your routine works boredom you can play and get the past memory by playing the Snake game in the google search.
Google search games -Spooky Cat

This game is shown in the google search on the day of the Halloween in 2016. This game you don’t find in the google search directly but it is in the google doodle game.  I personally found this game very interesting and I recommend you to try out this also here google doodle spooky cat.

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Google search games -Atari Break Down

Atari breakout is also most played the game at the age of the video games. It is also the very amazing game that you can directly play on the google. I also used to play Atari breakout game a lot in my video games while I was the child.
Google search games -Cricket

This is recent game shown in the google doodle while the occasion of the champions trophy. This game is played and liked by users very much. The game is very simple. You just have to do batting and increase the runs, no bowling.  Who doesn't like the cricket without bowling?

Zerg Rush

Google search games -Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is the google's invented strategy game. While you search the Zerg Rush the 0’s fall down from the above and you have to destroy it before o’s destroy your search result. You will find this exciting google search game here.

However, as the other games, this google game is not working on the smartphones. You can play in the desktop computers.


Chrome offline game T Rex

Finally what you can do when the internet connection is down? Google is stepping ahead in this and comes with the T-Rex game in the google chrome browser. When the internet goes down and you see Dinosaur, just tap the space or touch on it. It will run. You have to jump the Dinosaur while hurdle comes.

I often played this game when my office internet connection goes down.

Over To You

These are the some of the best google games for you. There might be the other hidden google games that I don’t know.

If you ever come across any such games then let me know in the comment. It will help readers like you to get the more enjoy this google image games.

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