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Top 10 Sites to Listen to Free Music Online

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Music is the best way to get refreshed, get enjoyed, feel relax, etc.
Almost our every emotion can be connected with the music. 

Music has the ability to increase and decrease productivity, change your mood from sad to happy and happy to sad. Feel love without anyone near you.

These all are the strength of the music. We like to listen to music online every day. People often listen to free music while working, on a free time, while driving or in bus or train journey.


Nowadays there are hundreds of music albums launches in a year. It is impossible to store every song you want to listen.

So it is a good idea to listen to songs online for free. There are many websites and mobile applications ara available to play songs online for free. 

Today we bring such a collection of the top 10 best sites to listen to free music online. All that sites we will discuss are lets you hear your favorite songs without downloading.

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Listen to music online for free without downloading


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Gaana is the popular Indian online free music service. You can play all the latest and the old songs on the gaana. To start with the gaana you just have to signup with your google or facebook account.

Gaana lets you search the music, you can also create the playlist on the gaana. Every week it updates the latest playlist of the top songs. 

There are many online radio stations are also available on the gaana so that you can play your favorite radio channel for free online anytime anywhere.

There is also available the application of the gaana on the play store and app store so that you can play music online with your smartphone too. And application also lets you download the music for free.


If you are on the saavn that it means you are in the sea of music. Yes, you read right. Saavn is the India's largest online music service which lets you choose the music across 30 million songs database. 

You can search and play the music online for free.

There are hundreds of categories of music, and you can also play the regional music and English latest music for free on the Saavn.

To get started with saavn you just have to create an account with your Facebook account.

Saavn also supports the multiple music platforms like and available its application for Android, iPhone, and Windows phone. You can also stream free saavn music in the music device like Sonos.

#3 Pandora Internet Radio


Pandora is the best site to listen to music online for free. Pandora radio is popularly known as the Pandora and available in the USA, Australia and the New Zealand.

Thousand of songs stored in the database of the Pandora. You can play music free anytime anywhere. The best thing of the Pandora is that it uses the machine learning to suggest you the best music of your choice based on your search and play history.

Pandora also suggests you the newest songs of your choice. So using the Pandora, you never miss any latest music album that you should listen and you are also not getting bored because of its recommendation system that always suggests the best music for your choice.

Spotify is the again a Pandora-like music service based in the USA. If you live in the USA and Canada then Spotify is the best online free music service for the USA.

All the music on the Spotify is free to stream on many supported devices like your smartphone, PC, music player, etc.

You can also create an unlimited playlist of your favorite songs on the Spotify. So that you can listen to songs of your choice online at any moment.

Spotify is also available in the Most Europe, Australia, new Zealand and some part of the Asia. The basic features of the Spotify are free. For advanced features, you have to purchase the premium version.

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Soundcloud is also the best choice of the many music lovers. Soundcloud lets you listen to the music online without creating the account on the website. There are millions of music albums and songs are available on the Soundcloud.

The best thing of the SoundCloud is that you can also create your playlist, upload music and can share your choice with the world for free.

When I visited the SoundCloud website the first time, I amazed with its user interface and UX design. You can find and play your favorite music online for free with a couple of seconds.

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Raaga is the world of music of Regional Indian language. You can play unlimited music anytime anywhere for free. Raaga is the popular Indian online music streaming service.

Best Indian music streaming service Raaga also going to launch its premium service soon that lets you download the music and listen to music offline anywhere without the internet connection.

You can browse the music with numbers of categories and can search your favorite artist and listen to their songs online for free.

To start listening songs on the Raaga, you have to signup with your Facebook and Google account. Then you can synchronize your choice of music among various devices.

8tracks is the best place to create and share the playlist of your favorite songs online for free. You can create a playlist of your choice from the database of the music of the 8tracks.

8tracks also lets you search your favorite song by its genre, Artist, activity or mood. It serves the music you demand.

#7 MusicIndiaOnline (MIO)

MusicndiaOnline which is also knowns as the MIO is also the best Indian music service which serves the free music across India of all the Indian genre.

It seems the oldest music streaming site. Lets you create the account for free, and you can play the songs for free with MIO.

MIO have the significant collection of the music, but the main disappointing part of this is the pretty odd User interface.



If you want to go deeper into the history and trends of the music, then the is the best site to you to know the music and listened to the music online for free.

There are apps also available of the to stream music to the mobile devices.
You may think why youtube? It is video streaming site, right? Buy you can not ignore to listen to your best songs online for free. Youtube also have the largest collection of the music of all over the world.

The best thing to listen to music online on youtube is that youtube uses Artificial intelligence and machine learning of auto-suggestion and gives the best music for you every time.

People consider AOL is the alternative of the Spotify. With the same feature that Spotify provide you find on the AOL radio. You can create an unlimited playlist of your favorite songs and can create the collection of the songs online.

Over To You

By looking all that online top music streaming site, we are definitely sure that you will love our collection.

There are also so many sites on the internet that provide free music streaming. If we left with some of the best among them, then let share your choice in the comment. It helps the music lover like you.


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