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15 Free Android VPN Apps To Surf Anonymously In 2017


Do you Know According to report of Pentagon  America hits more than 5000 hacking attacks per hour?

Governments, security agencies, social media sites, advertisers, digital marketers and many others are continuously spying on you.

So privacy and security are crucial to protecting. There are many ways to protect yourself from hacking and spying. Using the VPN (Virtual Private Network) is among one of them.


VPN provides the extra layer of security by hiding your actual public IP address and keep your data encrypted. Using VPN, you can change your IP location to any country of the world and sprayer are not able to get your actual location.

People also use VPN to access the blocked website in certain country and organization, To increase the speed of the Internet and for hiding the internet history from their ISPs.

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VPN For Android Free Download:

#1 Hola Free VPN


Hola VPN is one of the best Free VPN available for the Android. It most used VPN application for the Android. By using Hola VPN, you can access blocked websites in your country.

Like most Free VPN apps Hola does not show ads or slow down your internet speed. You can experience your freedom of surfing with same speed your ISP provides you.

Hola also has its own web browser to surf the blocked website anonymously.

#2 Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy


Hotspot shield is the VPN application loved by most of the collegian. To access restricted social media sites and download movies from college wifi many students use Hotspot shield.

It has the servers in 2o countries and the large user base in that countries. You can surf any website while using the Hotspot Shield free VPN.

The basic version of the Hotspot Shield is free. For full utilization and ad-free version, you have to purchase the premium.

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#3 CyberGhost - Free VPN & Proxy


To protect your self-being monitored by your ISP and Government the CyberGhost VPN is the best free VPN application for Android users.

Basically, CyberGhost is premium VPN service, but it also provides the free service. The only limitation in free VPN service is that it automatically disconnects itself after 3 hours. But for surfing it is not a problem at all.

Cyberghost have the server across the 30 countries, and for free VPN users, they allow 12 servers to choose for the securing your network.

#4 SpeedVPN Free VPN Proxy

SpeedVPN provides the highest level of encryption with the 256-bit encryption key.
While you connect to the SpeedVPN, you will get the session of the 60 minutes, and after that, you have to reconnect with one click.

No registration and signup process required to use the SpeedVPN. However, it is not recommended to use for downloading because it disconnects after 60 minutes that might break your downloading link.  But secure surfing the SpeedVPN is the best VPN Client for you.

#5 Spotflux VPN


Spotflux VPN not only allows you to access blocked websites in you Android phone but also protect you from accessing the malicious link and defend against the malware and virus entering on your phone.

It also reduces the consumption of the bandwidth that results in long lasting data pack. The stable version of the Spotflux VPN compatible with the Android 7.0 Nougat.

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#6  Avast SecureLine VPN


While using the SecureLine VPN, you can assure the security because it is backed by the leading Antivirus provider company Avast. We have discussed the Avast Antivirus in our posts 10 best Antivirus for Android.

You can also set automatically connect to the VPN while On the WiFi so there is no need to open the VPN client app every time when you connect to the WiFi network. So we recommended you to use SecureLine Free VPN for the Android users.

#7 SuperVPN Free VPN Client

SuperVPN is one of the best VPN Client to unblock the geographically restricted website. You can secure your Internet connection with the SuperVPN Free Client.

You can also block the 3rd party tracking with the SuperVPN. There is no time and speed limit to use the SuperVPN Free VPN for the Android.

#8 Touch VPN -  WiFi Privacy

Touch VPN is downloaded almost 1 million times on the play store and users give 4.4 ratings so we can not ignore the quality of service of the Touch VPN. It also helps you to save your battery, so it has the double features that make it the great app for download VPN app for Android.

#9 FlashVPN Free VPN Proxy


FlashVPN is also one of the most used VPN apps for the Android. It provides the one-click connectivity to its server, and there is no restriction to using it.

#10 Psiphon


Windows desktop user might know the Psiphon. It is the widely used by the college student to bypass the speed limit of the internet restricted by the college.

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More Free VPN Client For Android 2017:

#11 Zero VPN

#12 VPN Master

#13 Mobi Proxy

#14 Tigervpns Free VPN and Proxy

#15 HideMan VPN

Over To You:

Here we have discussed the Free VPS App for Android to surf  Anonymously. Using this application you are no longer geographically restricted to surf any website and have the improved security with an encrypted connection. 

This is the power of the VPN that it can protect your network.

If you have used another VPN App for Android, then please share with us after all it will help the other readers like you. You can also share this post with your friends on the social media


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