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5 Best Apps To Recover Deleted Files On Android In 2017

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Data like photos, documents, videos, contacts plays a significant role in our life. Sometimes we delete sensitive data accidentally. But We can not afford data loss at any cost.

Many software or Applications can recover your lost data. Some are for Desktop computers, and some are for Android itself. We can easily recover lost contacts and photos from the External storage card.


Recovering from the Internal memory is the little bit tricky. Today we are here with top 5 Best Data recovery methods for Android mobiles.

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But recovering data itself is not an easy task there are many technical complexities involved in the Data recovery. So here I want to give some tips to keep in mind before using any recovery app.

Tips for Data Recovery from Android

  • If you ever delete or lost your data and want to recover back then don’t write the single byte of data on that storage disk or card until you perform the recovery. Because when you write new data on that storage media your deleted data will be overwritten and you won’t be able to recover it again anyhow!
  • When you recovering the data from any storage media, then prefer to save the recovered data in another empty storage media.
  • In Android, due to security reason, there are many technical limitations to perform data recovery in the unrooted device. So it is highly recommended that if you want the best result than preferring to root your phone.

So by following this 3 point, you can able to get the best result from any data recovery app available on the play store.

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Data Recovery For Android 2017:

#1 dr. fone toolkit - Android Data Recovery


Dr. fone toolkit is one of the first data recovery software for Android smartphones. It is the best app to recover deleted data from Android.

You can recover photos, call logs, videos, contacts, messages, etc. using the dr. fone toolkit.

The only limitation of this App is that it works on rooted Android phones only so you require the rooted phone to use this.

#2 Dumpster Photo & Video Restore


To recover deleted photos and videos from the Android. The dumpster is the best application for retrieving data from the Android smartphones.

You can instantly recover your lost files using the dumpster.

The dumpster is quite different than other apps. It provides the easy way to free up your space by recycling your deleted data on the cloud storage provided by a dumpster.

So whenever you delete content from your Android phone, it is uploaded to the cloud, and you can use its cloud storage as a recycle bin instead of permanently delete the file.

It also helps you to magically recovering the accidentally deleted file from your phone. You can retrieve your contacts, documents, videos, etc. using the dumpster.

Dumpster file recovery app is free for use. But its cloud backup is premium service.

#3 DiskDigger photo recovery

DiskDigger is also one of the popular applications for Android data recovery on the play store.

DiskDigger lets you restore your deleted photos from the internal memory too. So there is no worry to lost the data of the internal memory.

DiskDigger best work on the rooted Android phone. In rooted Android phone it able to search whole storage space. However basic recovery can also be performed in non-rooted Android phones.

The Main Advantage of the DiskDigger is that you can directly upload the recovered data on the cloud storage like DropBOx, Google Drive or you can send via the email.

So there is no doubt that DiskDigger app is your fire brigade app when you accidentally delete your photo.

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#4 GT Recovery - UnDelete,Restore


GT Recovery is the latest and free application to undelete data on the Android phone. You can recover your lost data on your Android phone using the GT Recovery.

However, it only works on the rooted Android device. We have tested the recovery result of the GT Recovery it is quite good as compare to the other application available on the play store.

Using the GT Recovery, you can also preview the file before restoring it. So it can save your tremendous amount of Memory.

Overall GT Recovery Developers seems continuously updating the latest version and making the app more powerful.

#5 Hexamob Recovery

Hexamob is one of the most used data recovery apps for the Android. You can recover your lost contacts, messages, pics, videos using the Hexamob Recovery.

It is also the app which only works on the rooted Android phone.

You can also recover data from the Internal storage, and Hexamob supports all the Formatting style so that you can recover any kind of data from any type of external storage media.

Hexamob latest version only supports Android 4.0 or higher version.

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Over To You:

So it is all about the recovering lost data from the Android mobile. Using this 5 best App for recovering the deleted photos, videos, contacts from the Android you are able to recover the data you have deleted accidentally.

Also, remember the tips that I’ve told you in the very beginning of the article. By keeping in mind that points you can gain the best result from above apps.

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