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10 WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Should Try In 2017

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There is no doubt that WhatsApp is world’s No 1 Chatting application. WhatsApp is the first Instant Messaging Application which crosses 1 billion users.

Because of your most of the contacts are on the WhatsApp you would not think any alternative application of it. We also not told you to close your WhatsApp and keep using another app. This will not be the wise step.

But there is some reasons and features may you miss in the WhatsApp. May you want more privacy and less disturbance to chat with you Lovers, Family members.

WhatsApp alternative apps

For all of these reasons, you have to look out for the alternatives of the WhatsApp. So we have picked some of the best application for you that you can use in 2017 as an alternative of the WhatsApp.

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The all the applications that we are going to Share with you are not a little application as other hundreds of Available on the Appstore and Playstore.

We have to keep in mind that all the applications are cross platform and each one has some unique features that will meet your hidden needs.

So we are sure you will definitely Install any Application that we are going to discuss with you.

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whatsapp alternative 2017:

If you want 100% alternative of the WhatsApp, then we highly recommend you use Hike. The features and reliability the Hike provide are almost as great as WhatsApp.

The primary users of Hike are from India, so if you live in the other country you may not find your friends on Hike, but for personnel group chats you can use the Hike as an alternative of the WhatsApp.

The reason we highly recommend the Hike is its faster message delivery and some of the feature that is not available in WhatsApp too.

As mentioned that hike has almost all the features as the WhatsApp have. So we are highlighting the unique features of the Hike.

Features of Hike

  • You can Hide your private chat with password protection so no one can able to see your private conversation even if they open your Hike.
  • If you want to share Image and video without compression, it is possible in Hike you can send either original image or compressed image.
  • Hike provide to share any document. And the maximum size allowed in Hike is 100 MB which is enough for our regular sharing.
  • Hike Direct is a feature using which you can chat and share files in LAN without using the Internet.
  • Hike provide offline chat too! If a receiver has not the internet connection, you can send the SMS for free of cost from Hike.
  • Hike have the huge sticker collection. Chatting with sticker give you a more pleasure to talk with your loved ones.
  • You can customize the Hike themes as per your choice for every user.
  • Hike stories allow you to share your best moments with your friends or group.
  • The quality of the Voice and Video calling of Hike is also as best as WhatsApp call quality.
  • Other features like group chat, Last seen and status hiding is also available on Hike too!

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messagner-WhatsApp alternative apps

If you are using Facebook, then you might be aware of the Messenger. Previously Messenger was the sub product of the Facebook chat, but now Facebook is trying to make a Messenger as independent service.

As a result now if you do not have the Facebook account then also you can create the account on Messenger and can chat with your friends who uses a Messenger or Facebook.

You can use Messenger as an alternative of the WhatsApp. The main benefit of using messenger is that you have almost all the friend available to connect because of it is connected with Facebook accounts too.

Recently Facebook launched a Chatbot development for the Messenger, and there are more than 12000 chat bots available on the Messenger.

You can chat with the chatbots for various purposes like fashion advisor, Finance advisor, Ticket Booking, personnel counseling, customer care are the grooming area of the application of the chatbots.

google-allo-WhatsApp alternative apps

Allo is a new player in the world of chatting application, but it is the product of Google.

Google doesn't aim Allo keep Allo as a Chatting application, but Google wants to make it for Next-generation chatting Application.

By first look, Allo seems like a simple Instant messaging application. Allo has its unique feature is Google Assistant. Which serves you as a personal assistant. You can chat with it, you can instruct it about your plan.
It can remind your important meetings, can book your ticket, find music for you, etc. lots of tasks can be done by Allo.

So If you want next generation Chatting Application to use you can go with Allo.

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wechat-WhatsApp alternative apps

WeChat entered in the chat market with its coolest feature voice messaging. Yes, you can send the voice message to chat with friends this feature nowadays available in WhatsApp too.

WeChat is currently most famous in the China, and most of the users are from China. You can use WeChat as an alternative of the WhatsApp.

WeChat gives you the Highest level of control of your privacy and security.

WeChat provides some of the useful features like Find Radar, People Nearby, Shake, etc. by using it, you can make new friends nearby you. We Chat desktop also available.

telegram-WhatsApp alternative apps

If you love Open Source technology than Telegram is for you. Telegram is best to open source alternative of the WhatsApp.

If you want the highest level of privacy than Telegram is for you. Because of Open Source, it gives you the more privacy of your data and chats than any other app.

Secret chat is the feature which ensures the high level of privacy of your secret chat.

The telegram also allows you to the group of 5000 members which is certainly highest number among the all the other application.

imo-WhatsApp alternative apps

Imo is famous for its amazing low bandwidth video call features. If you want video calling with you loved once than imo is certainly for you and even WhatsApp can not beat imo for its video calling.

You can have group video calls with you friends for meetings, planning of picnic, Family member meet all this possible with imo group video calling.

Imo also provides the text chatting with hundreds of stickers. Because of its reliable service, you definitely want to use it.

viber-WhatsApp alternative apps

Viber is the most competent application to use as a WhatsApp alternative. With the almost similar feature of WhatsApp Viber is provide far more than WhatsApp.

In Viber, you can also delete the message at the both end so you can protect your privacy and delete the unwanted private message.

Hidden chat lets you hide your chat from others. And you can also send the public message which works like a social media platform. If you want to part in public discussion, you can follow the public chat too.

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#8 Line

line-WhatsApp alternative apps

The line is cross-platform messaging plus social media application. Provides you with the best Chatting Experience. Line have 300 million users across the globe.

You can share photos, Videos, Files with Line and the best apart is that Line is the cross-platform application with desktop version too. You can call free to any Line user using the internet.

The line also connects you with the best lifestyle application available on the Play store.

hangouts-WhatsApp alternative apps

Hangouts is again a product of Google. Google launched Hangout for business meetings, conferences, Webinars, etc. activities.

In Hangouts you have to use your Google account to Log in, and you can connect with your Gmail contacts.

Hangout is the best solution for the voice and video calling. With Hangouts you can call to any number in the world and Hangout to Hangout Call is free.

IF you are a professional and use Gmail too often than Hangouts is definitely for you. You can also set Hangout Chatting Widows in your Gmail sidebar too. So No need to open separate Windows for Hangout Desktop.

kik-WhatsApp alternative apps

Kik doesn’t provide many services as the other applications we talked about. But it's only one feature brings Kik in our Top 10 list of the WhatsApp alternatives.

That feature is that you do not have to register your mobile number to use Kik. You just have to pick the username, and you are going to use Kik. So simple! :)

You can also share videos, pictures and make group chat with Kik too.

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We hope that our collection of these Alternatives of WhatsApp messenger will Be Liked by you.

If you like this article and want to use any application, then you definitely have to share this article with your friends. 

Because Messaging application you can not use alone. You have to convince your friends also to use this app as an alternative of WhatsApp. So keep sharing !!

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