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(New Apps) 50 Best Root Apps For Android Mobile In 2017


Using a rooted Android phone is feel like a superuser. It gives you more control over your device then unrooted phones. Basically, new Android smartphones are unrooted.

In unrooted phones, applications have the limited access to the system resources that are predefined by the manufacturer. But Android have the much more capability.

By rooting your phone, you can install the best root apps for Android which have the more advanced functions than the unrooted phones. Rooting your
The Android phone you can increase the speed of Android phones, Increase battery life, Remove unwanted preinstalled applications, Increase internal memory or many more Advanced features that you are unaware of.

Yes, All this thing can be possible by installing the best apps for rooted Android phones. 

There is no need you to buy new Android phones for the speed and battery issue. Simply you have to do is to root your phone and install the best source applications for the Android.

Top Best Root Apps For Android Mobile 2017

Google and all the smartphones vendors don't allow you to use the rooted Android device and the application that require special permission that only given to the root Android phones. 

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In some cases, if you root your smartphone then there may be the chance you can not get the advantage of the warranty. But if your Android phone’s warranty period is over, and you want to try something new then you can root your phone.

Generally, regular users are not aware of that in play store there are many applications available especially for the rooted Android phones. So Here we have listed 5o best free root applications for Android that you can try in 2017.

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Top 50 Best Root Apps 2017:

#1 Titanium Backup ★ root

Play Store Rating: 4.6

This is the must have the Android root application. Titanium Backup is the great backup and system administration application. It provides more advanced backup options than regular Android apps.

You can backup your data in the .zip format or in the cloud. In play store description there are 42 advanced features listed for the Titanium backup.

Titanium backup is our  #1 choice to install on the rooted Android device.

Features of Titanium Backup

  • Backup multi-user app data. Keep multiple back-ups of the same app.
  • Sync and scheduled backup with Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Convert user apps into system apps or vice versa.
  • System log and Dalvik cache cleaner.
  • Hypershell speed.
  • App freezer
  • Encryption of the data backup and the full system storage.
  • 0-click batch restores to faster resetting the phone.

#2 Link2SD

Play Store Rating: 4.3

Top Best Root Apps For Android Mobile 2017

Link2SD is the application who root Android phone for the storage management. Link2SD is the must have the app like the titanium backup. It allows you to more controls in your phone storage. Same as titanium backup Link2SD have more than 30 features to manage the memory of the Android phone.

For using fully featured Link2SD root Android application, you must have the 2 partition in your SD cards. It is a free application with contains Ads. You can purchase the plus version to remove ads.

Features of Link2Sd

  • Forcefully move installed apps to the SD cards even apps doesn’t support it.
  • Link internal data of the applications to the SD cards.
  • Notify when you install the application which supports the move to SD card feature.
  • Uninstall system preinstalled app (bloatware removal).
  • Freeze and unfreeze system and the user applications.
  • Clear app cache at once and clear cache widget.

#3 ROM Manager

Play Store Rating: 4.3

Top Best Root Apps For Android Mobile 2017

This best root app allows Android user to control the ROM and hardware related features. It allows the user to flash the ROM and install the latest ROM with the great UI. It also notifies the user when new ROM available for your rooted Android phone.

You can install the new ROM from SD cards itself. There is no need to connect the Android phone to the computer.

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#4 Greenify

Play Store Rating: 4.4

Top Best Root Apps For Android Mobile 2017

Are you the user who want to improve battery life of your phone? Or you want to improve the performance of your rooted Android phones? Then the Greenify best root Android app is definitely for you.

Other root apps allow you to uninstall the bloatware or the system apps. But the Greenify allows you to hibernate the application which eats more memory and drink more battery power of your phone.

Undoubtedly Greenify is also the must have root app for Android phone. Greenify adopt the entirely different approach to speed up the Android battery life and boosting the performance of the root android phone.

Features of the Greenify

  • Allow GCM push to the application which is hibernated.
  • Protect your phone to memory hunger even you if installed lots of applications.

#5 SDFix: KitKat Writable MicroSD

Play Store Rating: 4.2

Top Best Root Apps For Android Mobile 2017

If you are using the KitKat or Lollipop version of the Android, then you might be aware of that the some of the files only allow writing their data to the internal storage and it doesn't allow to write information on the SD card.

SDFix gives the solution of this problem. It configures the system files and lets your application allow you to write data on SD cards. What a cool Hack !!!

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Play Store Rating: 4.2

Want to hack the WIFI hotspot of the friend? Or you may be want to use your neighbor's WIFI without knowing the password.

WPS WPA TESTER is my favorite app to hack the password protected wifi. If you have the root Android phone and WPS Enabled Android phone, then you can use this best android root app.

You just have to scan the available WIFI networks and the WPA WPS TESTER automatically hack the WIFI of your choice.

The free version of the WPA WPS Tester does not tell the password of the wifi that you have hacked. To know the password, you have to purchase the premium version of the app in just INR 50 or $0.99.

#7 ROM Toolbox Pro

Play Store Rating: 4.6

ROM Toolbox Pro is not a single root App but the swiss knife like the tool for the Android root device users. I like ROM Toolbox because it is very lightweight as compare to its features. Just of 2.5 MB. ROM toolbox is very useful tools if you are advanced Android users and want to change more at system level settings.

Features of ROM Toolbox Pro

  • ROM management (Install & update ROM from SD card).
  • App manager (backup, install- uninstall or lot more).
  • Root File Explorer.
  • Scripture and terminal emulator.
  • Autostarter and rebooter.
  • Font Installer, Boot Animation installer, theme changer.
  • Boot logo changer.
  • SD booster and auto memory manager.

#8 Root Firewall

Play Store Rating: 3.8

If you are using the limited internet data pack and want to control the data hungry apps on your phone, then Rooy Firewall is the best-rooted app for Android.

Root firewall allows you to block the internet access of any particular application which you want. It also helps to manage 3g and WIFI data.

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#9 Lucky Patcher

Top Best Root Apps For Android Mobile 2017

If you are playing games like hill climb, the clash of clans then lucky patcher is for you. It allows you to get unlimited coins in these games. Besides that, it has the many more setting options that root app user should look into.

#10 GLTools [root] (gfx optimizer)

Play Store Rating: 4.3

GLTools is the one of the most used application by the root app user to enhance the graphics of the system. It improves the processor graphics and let your device HD supported.

#11 Set DNS

Play Store Rating: 4.1

If you want to increase your internet speed and want more privacy then should use public name server. Set DNS is the cool app to change the nameserver in the rooted Android phones.

#12 BetterBatteryStats

Play Store Rating: 4.5

Top Best Root Apps For Android Mobile 2017

This is another useful application that gives you more control on battery status, and you can be reduced draining of the battery. You have to use this root Android application if you want the long lasting battery life.

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#13 System app remover (ROOT)

Play Store Rating: 4.6

System app remover will help you immediately after rooting your Android phone to increase the internal space by removing the bloat wares AKA System Application.

#14 3C Toolbox

Play Store Rating: 4.4

Top Best Root Apps For Android Mobile 2017

3C Toolbox is the application that every rooted Android device user should use. This provides some handy tools for the advanced control of your Android phones.

#15 Flashify (for root users)

Play Store Rating: 4.3

Flashify is single function application that can be used to flash the ROM of the Android Mobiles. You no need to use any another computer for flash the ROM by using the Flashify. It also backup your full Android phone while flashing so in the case of failure you can recover your data.

#16 [root] Pry-Fi

Play Store Rating: 3.9

Your smartphone can continuously be monitored by government or the advertiser if your WIFI is on or even if you're not connected to any network. In this situation Pry-Fi comes to your rescue, it prevents your device to reveal the identity to the unknown WIFI hotspots.

#17 Amplify Battery Extender -Root

Play Store Rating: 4.2

With the user-friendly interface, Amplify Battery Extender helps you to control how your root phone uses the battery.

#18 Speed Up Swap

Play Store Rating: 4.4

Top Best Root Apps For Android Mobile 2017

Speed Up Swap allows your phone to use memory smartly after the each boot. It automatically cleans the unnecessary files from the memory when there is no need to use it again.

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#19 LiveBoot

Play Store Rating: 4.5

#20 ZDbox ( Root Task Killer )

Play Store Rating: 4.3

Top Best Root Apps For Android Mobile 2017

ZDbox is the great task killer for the rooted Android smartphones.

#21 DiskDigger photo recovery

Play Store Rating: 4.4

Top Best Root Apps For Android Mobile 2017

Ever delete your photos from your phone accidently? If you removed the SD card data, then it could be recovered by the Laptop or computer, but for system memory, you must have to use the DiskDigger photo recovery to recover deleted photos from the Android phones.

#22 Sixaxis Controller

Play Store Rating: 4.0

Are you game lover wanted to experience like PlayStation using your Android phone only?  Sixaxis Controller gives you the more control like the PlayStation that is not available with the unrooted Application.

#23 DriveDroid

Play Store Rating: 4.5

#24 XBooster *ROOT* - Free

Play Store Rating: 4.1

#25 Xposed GEL Settings

Play Store Rating: 4.4

Top Best Root Apps For Android Mobile 2017

Here at the half of the article, We hope that you find the best application for your rooted Android phones. But we are not stopping here we have less best 50 root apps for Android.

You can do almost anything by using application listed above, but superusers don't end in just 25 application right !! So you can also try same apps listed below.

More 25 Android root apps that you should try in this year:

#26 full!screen
#27 GooManager
#28 Xmodgames
#29 Soft Reboot
#30 Super SU
#31 Chainfire 3D
#32 Hosts Editor
#33 3C Toolbox
#34 Pimp My ROM
#35 Battery Calibration
#36 XUI Mod Top
#37 Smart Booster
#38 Build Prop Editor
#39 DataSync
#40 Wifi Key Recovery
#41 XPrivacy Installer
#42 Intercepter-NG
#43 Kostenlose WiFi – Code Rettung
#44 Solid Explorer
#45 Root App Deleter
#46 Device Control
#47 FolderMount [Root]
#48 Tasker
#49 Build Prop Editor
#50 Android firewall+

Over to You:

So here we have discussed the best root application for the Android phones. We hope that you are satisfied with our reviews of this root apps.

We also want to hear from you about your experience and suggestions. So feel free to comment and share your views.

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