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10 Free Video Player For Android In 2017 (HD Players)

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To watch videos on the smartphone is common. Everyone have their own best videos collection which they often watch for refreshment.

In Android, there are plenty of video players available on the play store. Also as technology grows the video codecs are also increased. In this situation, you can hardly find any HD video player for Android that supports all the codecs.

Nowadays Android phones support the HD videos also, and you can watch it, but without best Video player for Android 2017, you can not watch your favorite HD videos on your phone.

Best Video Player For Android

So in this situation, you may be stuck to find the best media player for the Android. But don’t worry here at Tech Sanhita we are continuously providing you the best Android apps for various categories.

Today we are here with the best video players for the Android 2017. So that our loyal readers can easily find HD player for Android on play store.

These all video players  for Android we have chosen for our readers are also the best Video players for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and for lower version like lollipop and KitKat also.

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Best Video Player For Android 2017:

#1 MX Player

Best Video Player For Android

Undoubtedly MX player is the most famous video player for the Android. It supports almost all the codec and having the HD video support.

MX have the all the feature that you want in the best Smart Video player.  
Some feature of the MX players is as follows.

Features of MX Player

  • Support for the All the codec and subtitle formats.
  • Use hardware acceleration when possible and can detect the multi-core so that the performance increase up to 70%.
  • Kids lock to show the videos to the kids without worrying about calling or any settings changes.

#2 VLC for Android

Best Video Player For Android

Remember when you want to play any type of video in PC since Windows XP to Windows 10 and when there is no other best option than VLC because it supports all the codec since the beginning.

VLC is the best HD video player for the Android and the PC also. It cross-platform and open source project of the VideoLabs.

VLC is the most famous and still my best choice for Android and Windows also.

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#3 MoboPlayer

Best Video Player For Android

Many Android lovers also prefer to use the MoboPlayer because of this feature and the GUI. It is popular video player for the Android having 10 lacs plus downloads on the plays store.

MoboPlayer is also capable of streaming videos from Http and also supports all known video formats.

Features of the MoboPlayer

  • Online subtitle searches let you search subtitles automatically for your favorite HD videos.
  • You can build videos and can also make the GIF from the videos which are most current trending social media sharing medium.
  • The floating window lets you multitask and increase productivity with fun.

#4 BSPlayer

Best Video Player For Android

BSPlayer is the top video player for the Android phones. It is also one which having Android 6.0 Marshmallow compatibility in early time. Multi-Core support which made the BSPLayer as the fastest video player for the Android.

Many Android users consider BSPLayer as the best alternative for the VLC and the MX Player.

You can also play videos directly from the OTG in BSPLayer.

#5 KMPlayer (Play HD Video)

Best Video Player For Android

KMPlayer is the best HD video player for the Android. I consider KMPlayer as the best alternative video player of the MX Player. KMPlayer supports the floating screen which let you messaging or browsing while watching the video in your Android video player.

KMPlayer is also the successful video player for the Desktop. Many Laptop users use KMPlayer as an alternative to the VLC player because it provides best sound quality among all the players.

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#6 Kodi

Best Video Player For Android

Kodi is the Android video player for the advanced and modern users. You love Kodi HD player for Android because of its beautiful interface. With a dark theme, Kodi is a very attractive Android video player that you should give a chance to it once.

#7 QQPlayer

Best Video Player For Android

QQPlayer is among the top video players with the clean interface. It provides thumbnail setting control plus you can switch between multiple subtitles within a single video in various languages.

QQPlayer also supports advanced gesture control features so you can manage controls over video without touching the display. It's really cool No!

The one drawback of the QQPlayer is that there is no update in QQPlayer since 2013. So we do not suggest you to permanently go for the QQ Player.

#8 AC3 Player

Best Video Player For Android

AC3 player is the video plus best music player for the Android. You can use it as a both watching videos and play your favorite song. The main thing is that AC3 player is very lightweight video player so that it does not consume much memory in your phone.

#9 Plex

Best Video Player For Android

Plex media player is the best player for the user who wants to cast the videos on their TV Screen. It supports fastest HTTP media streaming. You can also control sound and the video remotely using the Plex media player.

Basically, Plex is not completely free service. If you want to enjoy full features of the Plex and you like the Plex media player for Android 2017 than it is worth to buy the premium version of the Plex.

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#10 Wondershare Player

Best Video Player For Android

As the name suggest, Wondershare Player is especially for the user who has lots of videos stored in their computer or server storage and wants to directly play videos from local server to the Android mobile.

Wondershare provides more advanced features than any traditional streaming apps. You can make queue the videos that you want to watch next, and it also supports resumed from the last point from where you lost the connection accidentally.

Over to you

So here we have discussed the 10 top media players for the Android 2017. Using that you can leverage full enjoyment from your Android phone.

You can comment your feedback about our list of this best HD video players. We are happy to hear from you.

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  1. VLC and MX players are the best video players for the Android mobile. There is no need of any other video players if you are using among them.