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5 Best Open Office Alternatives In 2017

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OpenOffice provides the best alternative to the Microsoft office for a long. There is no doubt of capability of the OpenOffice that it provides the competent solution as the alternative to the Microsoft Office.

But if you notice from since past couple of years OpenOffice didn’t bring more notable changes and updates as Microsoft Office, and other Office software delivers.

In this year of 2017, you should try the other alternatives that you may not know about it, but they are very powerful and as modern as Microsoft office is.

We are going to tell you about such available alternatives for the OpenOffice that you can feel comfortable to use as OpenOffice is.

We know that your important day to day daily work heavily depends on the office suite like OpenOffice and you are productive with them. In this situation, you may not think to try another Office software.

But Here whichever office suites we chose are very much compatible with the OpenOffice and trying any of them you will not miss the OpenOffice again. Plus you will get the most modern features as you are.

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Open Office alternatives:

#1 LibreOffice

Best Open Office Alternatives

If you are using the OpenOffice and want new taste in the office suite than LibreOffice is for you. LibreOffice is the most powerful free and open source office suit.

The main thing is that it is the successor of the Open Office itself. LibreOffice forked from the OpenOffice from 2010. So you can quickly adopt LibreOffice as an alternative of the OpenOffice for your day to day work.

The LibreOffice suite is a collection of the following six productivity tools.
  1. Writer (word processing)
  2. Calc (spreadsheets)
  3. Impress (presentations)
  4. Draw (vector graphics and flowcharts)
  5. Base (databases)
  6. and Math (formula editing)

If you are using Linux distros Like Fedora or Ubuntu, then you might be aware of the LibreOffice because all the major Linux distros are supplied with pre-installed LibreOffice suit.

Its clean interface and powerful feature helps you to enhance your productivity.

Even you can extend its features using its powerful extension mechanism. You can download the more productive extension and templates from its website.

So the LibreOffice can be your best substitute of the OpenOffice, and we are sure that you will not miss or use the OpenOffice suite again once you start using the LibreOffice.

Best Open Office Alternatives

If you are a Microsoft office suite user and want to go for the free alternative to the MS Office suite than WPS office is the best option for you because it is more likely similar to the Microsoft Office.

WPS Office is a lightweight cross-platform office suite available for Windows, Ios, Linux and Android.

The WPS Office consisting of Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets, plus PDF to unleash your productivity.

With WPS Office account you can get 1Gb WPS cloud storage, and you can synchronize all of your settings and documents across various devices and platforms.

Overall, WPS office is more equivalent to the Microsoft Office, and you can easily get used to with it and the main thing is that cross-platform synchronization with cloud storage.

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Best Open Office Alternatives

Polaris office is another best alternative to the Open Office suite. Polaris Office is a free office suite available for Windows, Mac, ios and Android. There is no Linux version available of Polaris Version.

Polaris Office free version has a yet limited, but they are sufficient to complete your day to day work. It’s easy, and clean GUI across all the platform gives you same experience on Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets.

Polaris office package contains Word, Presentation, Spreadsheet and PDF tool. You can Integrate all of your files with cloud sharing services Like Polaris Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

If you need more advanced options than it is worth to buy Premium version on Polaris Office than Microsoft Office.

In the free edition of the Polaris office, you also get 1gb of the Polaris cloud storage. You can also edit MS Office, OpenOffice documents through Polaris office too.

#4 FreeOffice by SoftMaker

Best Open Office Alternatives

FreeOffice is a one of choice for  OpenOffice and Microsoft Office alternative. FreeOffice package is available for Windows, Android, and Linux users.

Its tabbed GUI lets you work on multiple files simultaneously. FreeOffice suite has three tools i.e. TextMaker (word processing), PlanMaker (Excel), Presentations (Powerpoint).

FreeOffice have an excellent compatibility with the Microsoft Office documents. It supports all the latest version of Microsoft Office documents too. This is the best thing for you if you want to migrate from MS Office to the FreeOffice.

If you planning to switch Windows OS to the Linux than it is a most competent alternative to Microsoft Office.

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Best Open Office Alternatives

NeoOffice is the another best alternative of the OpenOffice and LibreOffice suite for the Mac users only. It also supports Microsoft Office documents viewing and editing.

NeoOffice is available with free Viewer version in that you only can see the documents. For editing and making the document, you have to purchase NeoOffice for the US $15.

However, it is costly, but it is best alternative OpenOffice alternative aimed for the Mac users.

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Over to you:

So here we have discussed the best OpenOffice alternative with various angles of its use cases and for different platforms.

We are sure that you are not going to miss OpenOffice ones you start using the any of the OpenOffice alternatives discussed here. Other users and we like to hear your experience in comments.

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  1. Anutosh SatyarthiMay 25, 2017 6:08 pm

    Hey Akshay,

    I am using the LibreOffice since long. but the problem with it that the presentation made in the LibreOffice is not compatible with the MS office so I came to know about the WPS office in your post. I am using now WPS office and its work great for me.