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10 New Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users In 2017

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Since long movies are the best source of the entertainment and the time pass.Now technology is getting more and more advanced, In very first we only can experience the movie in the theater than the TV comes and also we are used to watching movies in CD / DVD player. 

Then personal computer arrives in the picture than we are used to storing in our HardDisks.
Some people are very much sensitive that their all the emotions are connected with the movies. We experience love, fear, Anger, Joy, Trust friendships in some of the movies.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users 2017

The unlimited high-speed internet is now mostly accessible by everyone. So the now trend is also going to change. Nowadays some people used to directly watch the movies online using some free Movies apps.

Today we are going to introduce you people with the some of the best online free movie streaming applications.

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10 Best Free Movies Apps For Android 2017:

#1. ShowBox

Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users - ShowBox

Showbox is the must have free movies download the app for the Android, iOS and other platforms. ShowBox let you download the movies for free. ShowBox is the most used application for the movies lover.
ShowBox have listed thousands of movies for the downloading. You can download the best award-winning movies from the ShowBOx.

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#2. CinemaBox

Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users - CinemaBox
If you want youtube like video streaming experience, then you should definitely use the CinemaBOx for the free movie streaming in Android and iOS.
There is no doubt that the CinemaBox is the best alternative of the ShowBox video streaming and downloading the application.
CinemaBox allows you to save offline movies for the letter watching when there is no or slow internet connection.
It supports the chrome cast also so that you can watch your favorite movies on the large display.

#3. Bobby MovieBox for ios

Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users
This fantastic free application is for iOS users only. If you want to watch free TV shows of your choice and movies on demand than the Bobby MovieBox is for you.
There is one limitation that Bobby movieBox is only available for the iOS 7 or letter version. Besides that everything is ok.

#4. MegaBox HD

Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users 2017
I know your love for the YouTube. But when it comes to the Latest TV Shows and the movies than YouTube not help at all. You definitely want to look for the other options. For this MegaBox HD is help you out.
MegaBox is the very light weight video watching application for the Android phones only.
MegaBox lets you look at the videos in different quality like 144p to 1024p HD Videos.

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#5. Flipps – Movies, Music & News

Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users
Flipps is the combo pack of the entertainment. You can have the free movies, Music and you can also watch the News from Flipps. Flipps run on both mobile and TV. It also supports YouTube video Streaming. So by using the Flipps application, there is no need to separately install the Youtube Application.
However, Flip is not the completely free. If you want to experience all of the features that you have to purchase it. The free version has limited set of functions which may not satisfy your need.

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#6. ViewSter

Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users - viewster
If you love the Flipps movies and video streaming application and looking for the best free alternative to the Flipps application than the Viewster is for you. Viewster is the completely free application.
Viewster is officially available on the play store and the App store for both Android and iOS users.
In ViewSter you can watch your favorite Hot trending TV series for free. ViewSter provides view like the News Feed so that you can find all the latest trending content quickly.
The best part it is free and by using it, NO Singin process required just have to use it.

#7 Newest Movie HD

Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users 2017
All the application we are discussing here is not providing the downloading option. But the Newest Movies HD offers it. 

You can search and download your favorite movies as well sd TV series for free of cost. You also have the choice of quality of the video file to be downloaded so that it only require the data as per your Data pack and your requirement.
Yippee!! Enjoy the free movie downloading !!!

#8 Hubi

Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users - hubi
If you are the Windows user, then you might use the Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download the movies and videos from your favorite sites like Youtube. Like IDM, Hubi is the best free download manager for the Android smartphones. 

Currently, Hubi supports HD video downloading from the 39 best-streaming sites.
So the Hubi is the application which can be used when your HD streaming service application does not provide the downloading options.

#9 YouTube

Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users - Youtube
While directly searching on the google for the videos you definitely many times ends up you're searching on the YouTube. YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing and streaming site.
You can also make your YouTube channel and can upload the videos. Even you can earn from the youtube by allowing the advertisement in your uploaded videos.
The best part of YouTube is you can find almost any type of video for free and low to high quality. 

YouTube have the world’s best video streaming technology. So there is no doubt that YouTube eats lesser data than any other video streaming sites.

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#10 Big Star Movies

Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users 2017
Big Star is the most popular application for the online movie downloading. Big Star provides the listing of around 40000 movies across the globe. 

The Listing of the BigStar Movies is categorized among several categories like award winning movies, Foreign Films, Documentary, Independent films, Film Festival movies and so on.
So you can easily search your favorite movies and can find the best movies which may be unknown to you from the Big Star Free movies.

Over To You:

So here we have discussed the best free movies Application for the Android and the iOS users. We are definitely sure that by reading this article your search for the movies app for Android is ends up here.

We also want to hear from you about your experience and suggestions. So feel free to comment and share your views.

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