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[Exclusive] 10 Best Antivirus For Windows 10 In 2017


Security and privacy are the most critical factor in the 21st century of technological revolution. As the growth and usage of technology gets to increase the threat of our confidentiality and security increases.

As you know, that Windows is the most vulnerable operating system from virus and other malware. So to keep data and identity safe one must have to use Antivirus software.

Top Antivirus For Windows 10

In this article, we are with top 10 Antivirus that you can use for your Windows 10 computer.

We have prepared these list of antivirus from various sources like AV-TEST. And we also have tested them by using it.

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Best antivirus for windows 10 2017:

#1 Avast Antivirus


Top Antivirus For Windows 10

Avast is the best free antivirus available for the Windows, Mac, and Android. Avast gets 6.0 out of 6.0 protection score from the AV-TEST.

With 400 million users across the world, Avast is the best choice among the free Antivirus for Windows 10 users.

The features of the Avast is as follows

  • Real-time protection blocks malicious content as soon as it enters into your system.
  • You can set password your antivirus and can synchronize settings among various devices.
  • SafeZone browser protects from online scams like phishing and KeyLogging during online transaction and internet banking.
  • Passive mode disables real-time scan and lets you run another antivirus simultaneously in your same Windows 10 computer.

#2 Avira Free Antivirus


Top Antivirus For Windows 10

Avira is the award-winning free antivirus software for Windows operating system. Its main plus point is the lightweight yet most powerful antivirus. So it doesn't slow down your system.

The features of the Avira antivirus is as follows

  • Real-time protection detects viruses immediately.
  • Browser tracking blocker prevents companies collect data of your online usage and habits.
  • PUA shield blocks the unwanted application hidden in the legitimate software.
  • Safe browsing lets you does secure online transactions.

#3 Bitdefender Antivirus

Top Antivirus For Windows 10

To protect your system from Virus, Phishing, and frauds. Bitdefender is the highly reliable choice. It is also awarded by AV-TEST as the highly secure product.

Bitdefender has the excellent compatibility with Windows 10. Which gives you a smoother experience in Windows 10 system.

Features of BitDefender

  • On-demand and On-access scanning can detect and remove all virus.
  • Active threat control continuously monitors your current running application, and it can take immediate control when it detects suspicious activity in the system.
  • Anti-Phishing prevents hackers from stealing your credit card details and passwords.
  • Its new firewall is more powerful than your windows default firewall.

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#4 Kaspersky Antivirus

Top Antivirus For Windows 10

With 6.0 / 6.0 Protection, Performance and usability score Kaspersky's Antivirus software is the best choice for home and corporate users. Kaspersky is the leading security service provider in the Industry.

Kaspersky antivirus package is available in 3 packages Antivirus, Internet Security, and Total Security.

The features of Kaspersky Total Security is as follows

  • Parent control lets you control your child's activity on the computer and prevents them unwanted malicious attacks.
  • Provide high performance which does not let your system slower.
  • Its User Interface is easy to use and can be password protected so no one other than you can compromise with security settings of your system.
  • Can encrypt and backup your files, photos to prevent from accidental loss and data theft.
  • Provides extra security in online banking and transactions.

#5 Norton Security

Top Antivirus For Windows 10

Being the Oldest Antivirus in the market, Norton has the best security team in the world who puts continuous effort to make your computer virus free. Its provide 100% guarantee to protect you from the virus, or else you can claim for full refund in case Norton fails to keep you safe.

Features of Norton Security Premium

  • Allow you to manage protection and security of all your device from easy to use web portal.
  • Defends against the virus, malware, trojans and all the online security threats.
  • Protects better and faster than competitors.
  • Safeguards your identity because you only get only one identity through life.

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#6 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Top Antivirus For Windows 10

Malwarebytes anti-malware is more than you looking for. It is the best antimalware software which protects your Windows 10 laptops and desktops from the all the advanced threats.

However, Malwarebytes working differently than traditional antivirus software so that you can use Malwarebytes parallel with another antivirus.

Four layer malware crushing technology and advanced detection algorithms make Malwarebyte must for your computer's security.

Malwarebytes features

  • Protects you from ransomware attacks which are most advanced and widespread attacks nowadays.
  • Malwarebytes can detect and remove rootkits which are not available in any other traditional antivirus software.
  • Anti exploits shields vulnerable systems and software exploits.
  • Antimalware / Antispyware removes all the malware including virus and advanced threats.

#7 AVG Free Antivirus

Top Antivirus For Windows 10

If you want Performance booster with Antivirus than AVG free Antivirus for you. AVG is also a developer of the best performance management software Tuneup utility which provides the best performance boosting practice in your system. AVG provides security from both virus and performance issues.

AVG Internet Security is also an excellent choice if you want to the safety of many systems because AVG offers installation in any numbers of systems within the single license.

Features of AVG Internet Security

  • Installs on unlimited computers and Android device.
  • 24/7 phone and chat support.
  • Keep hackers away with its enhanced firewall.
  • Scan and boost PC from performance issues.
  • Security in online shopping and banking.

#8 ESET Smart Security

Top Antivirus For Windows 10

ESET provides multi-layered security to protect you from the virus and threats. ESET is the choice of leading corporate houses to make their system more secure.

Features of ESET Smart Security

  • Prevent hackers to access your webcams and Home routers.  
  • Excellent safety from latest virus and spyware.
  • Child safety keeps your child's online safety.
  • You can encrypt your data as files, videos, photos, documents so that it is useless for thieves.
  •  Free support helps you to get rid of any security issues.

#9 Intel Security McAfee

Top Antivirus For Windows 10

McAfee is backed by Intel which is leading chip maker. McAfee is the all-rounder computer security suite for your Windows 7, 8, 10 computers.

Also, McAfee gives you a guarantee that if it fails to remove virus 100%, then you can get your money back.

Award-winning McAfee is the best security solution for your home and business computer security.

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#10 Windows Defender

Top Antivirus For Windows 10

Windows defender is the free antivirus software from Microsoft. It is by default installed antivirus in your Windows 7,8,8.1 and Windows 10 systems.

We kept Windows defender in last on our list that it does not mean it will not going to provide security as any other antivirus providers.

However, windows defender get only 3.5 security score from AV-TEST, but the report of AV-TEST itself says that Windows Defender is able to find 95% of the latest malware and virus.

Microsoft seems solemn about the performance of Windows Defender and continuously improving it.

In my windows 10 laptop, I only use Windows Defender, and I never infected with virus and malware in my system.

If you feel that you are an advanced Windows Operating System user than I personally recommend you to go for Windows defender.

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Features of Windows Defender:

  • It has the easiest and nicest User interface than any other antivirus software.
  • Real-time protection blocks virus and malicious files as soon as it enters in your computer.
  • It provides the option of what to do with the detected malicious file.
  • It will always be free. Will never ask you for the upgrade or for money.
  • Very very Light weight so that you're  pretty much amount of RAM usage will be saved.

Over to you:

So we have discussed here the best free and Licensed both Antivirus software for  Windows 10.

We hope that you are satisfied with our reviews of this antivirus software.

We also want to hear from you about your experience and suggestions. So feel free to comment and share your views.

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