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5 Free Calling Apps For Android To Any Phone In 2017


Some day ago I wanted to call my uncle who lives in the USA. I know the direct call from India to USA cost too much. But I want to find the cheaper way to call to any mobile.

There is so many free VOIP call application known to us, but I thought there might be some application for free call to any number from internet.

I then googled and with my astonishment, I found hundreds of application on play store to call for free from Android devices. I immediately download one app. 

Unfortunately, this free calling app didn't work for me because it was fake.
Then I decide to find the applications that actually provide the free call to any number from internet.

I tested around 22 application available on play store. Based on the ratings, reviews and actual test by using I’ve selected this five application for free calling for Android using wifi or mobile data.

Free calling app to any International/national number for android:

#1 Libon

Libon Top 5 free calling apps for android to any phone

Libon is the best internet to any mobile number calling application. Libon is available for Android, iPhone, and its web version is also available.

So you can call from your desktop too. You can call to any mobile/landline phone across 150 countries around the world.

The most attracted features of Lisbon are as follows:

  • You can make unlimited call and message to any Libon user.
  • You can send customized voice mail to any Lion user that you can either record or type manually.
  • The LibonOut feature is for the call to any number. You can buy credit from your credit card or can also earn free credit by inviting your friend.
  • Every month you are rewarded with free 30 LibonOut minutes.
  • Every signup on Libon by your referral you get 30 minutes. By this way, you can earn up to 120 minutes for free calling from the Internet to any number.

#2 WhatsCall - Free Global Calls

WhatsCall is another great to make free calls. There is no hidden charge in WhatsCall, and it is entirely free. The free talk time you receive in WhatsCall is based on the credit.

You can earn 2000+ credit by referring your friends or by watching ads you can get 100 credits per/day.

Note that the free credit is not same as free minutes. The credit to minute rate differs from every country. For example in India 1minute = 110 credit and for Canada 1 minute = 30 credit. 

However, you can make unlimited WhatsCall high-quality calls to WhatsCall user.

According to WhatsCall, they are providing service across 200 countries.

The another great feature of WhatsCall is its Lively Video Message. Yes, You can send the Live video message to your loved ones. It's very easy to conveying your message to your friends using video instead of simple text message.

#3 Dingaling

Dingaling is our another choice for the free calling. They are providing service including UK, India, Malaysia, USA and also expanding their service.

You will get 150 minutes free for every month and each call up 30 minutes. You can also increase free minutes by watching the movie from another app and referring your friends. 

The free minutes may vary to every country.

However, Calling and Texting to another Dingaling users unlimited free. You can send videos, Text, Photos, Stickers everything free of cost. Location sharing is also available with the Dingaling.

Dingaling is available for iPhone users too.

#4 Nanu

Nanu is yet another great free calling application available for the Android. You can get 15 min/week Nanu to any number. And Nanu to Nanu calling is always free.

Nanu’s service was available in India, Portugal, Israel, Spain, etc. country. So you can make a fee calls to the relatives and friends.

#5 Get

Get is also reward earning application for Android. In Get, You have to earn bonus known as G points by watching ads. 

You can then convert these G points to the cash or can recharge any number. You can get 1 rupee for every 100 G-points.

Tata Docomo users can instantly convert G point into talk time. You can get 1 minute with spending 5 G-points.

So it is relatively easy to earn G points in Getting as compared to the other applications.

Over to You:

Hey ! what are you thing about? Go to play store and download these applications. After all, you will get save a couple of bucks for every month just by using these applications.

Do let us know your experience of using this app in comments. Also, comments if you know another Free calling Applications for Android or iPhone.

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