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Facebook Fake Account Predictions Tricks In 2017


Have you ever created the fake Facebook profile? Or it may be possible you get a friend request from such type of accounts.

Sometimes you easily spot the fake profile but sometimes it is difficult.

Facebook fake account predictions tricks

According to Facebook, there are around 1.79 billion monthly active users on Facebook which is increasing 16% every year.

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Are every account belongs to the real person? No, according to CNN there are 83 million fake accounts on Facebook.

It means around 4.64% are dummy profiles on Fb.

Would you want to know about secret tricks of Facebook to find fake Facebook users? I will tell you.

I have studied many Facebook profiles and also create Facebook accounts with varieties of different profiles and notice the differences of the real people and fake people.

You can follow simple predictions rule that helps you to determine fake Facebook accounts.

If you want to create dummy Facebook profile which cannot spot by other than also this tips will help you.

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Pick any account and observe following mistakes: 

1. Profile pictures

Mostly fake girl’s profile pick the random photo from the internet. Sometimes they change profile pictures but they do not belongs to the same person.

Upload profile picture on google image and check weather similar the profile picture is available or not.

Sometimes some users may not set their profile pictures too.

Also not the date of the very first profile picture of that profile. It gives the date when profile was created.

They also use a celebrity's photos as a profile picture but this is not a big deal so many real girls also not upload their original photo.

2. A Girl’s account

Generally, it is noticed that such profiles are mostly used girl’s name. If you are not handsome guy then also you get the request from the unknown beautiful girl then verify identity first by messaging them.

3. Reply of messages

These people are not interested in chatting with everyone and even though you message them too often, sometimes they even don’t read your messages.

4. About section

Fake users don’t bother to complete their profiles even they complete profile.

Sometimes it seems irrelevant detail like their birthdate, relationships, family members, schooling, and work.

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5. Photo and status like

Mostly fake girl’s profile get more likes than real girl’s profile because of they contain so many male friends.

If girls profile is real than the friends who like her photo you found her female friend’s like also and all the profile seems real because all the likes and comments are from real friends which anyone can predict.

6. Friend list

Facebook fake account predictions tricks

This type of users have too many friends and rapidly accepting the request at a time. So check in their friend list and if its public see the no of friends and recently added friends.

7. Pages or Interest likes

Dummy profiler do not like the pages often not fill the interests detail in profile. Or sometimes they like the pages contain nudity and pornographic content that normal users don’t like. 

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8. Post tags

Facebook fake account predictions tricks

They are mostly tagged in that post in which so many other users are also tagged to get like. Generally, more than 50 to 100 people are tagged in one post or photo.

9. Difference in username and profile name

Facebook fake account predictions tricks

The fake user often change their profile name too so sometimes they Display name but the username belongs to the older profile name.
Even newly fake profile does not set the username too.

10. Display name

Some are the common names and surname in every region you found that fake user use.

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Over To You:

This was all about facebook fake account predictions 2017. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

In this way you can detect weather Facebook account belongs to the real user or not. However, you have to check all of this measurement criteria. 

Sometimes happens that real users also miss some of these criteria but finally you have to decide by yourself using common sense and experience.

If you have ever experienced dummy Facebook account or know some other tricks, please comment below. It will help you people like you very much.

Do share this post with your social media friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. After all sharing is caring. 

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  1. Hey Piyush,

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome post.

    Though Facebook has 1 billon+ users but I don't think so all are genuine accounts.

    There are hell lot of fake accounts and this post will definitely save their ass.

    Thanks once again for sharing such an awesome content :)

    I really loved your blog.


    1. Hey John,

      Thanks for stopping by.

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      Do share it with your social media friends so they can easily recognize fake facebook account!

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  2. Hey,

    Thanks for sharing this post. I really loved the content and looking forward to use these tricks before accepting any friend request from now :)

    1. Hey Mahesh,

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  3. Hello Piyush,

    You covered all the important points with which we can recognize fake facebook profile.

    I really loved all the points specially 2nd i.e Girl's account and 6th friend list.

    Thanks and keep writing awesome content.

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for appreciating our efforts.

      I'm glad you loved reading this post !

  4. I am also using same tricks to find out weather this is fake account or not. In new Facebook update there is also one more info added in profile called Joining date form there we can get the exact account creation date.

    1. Hello Saavan,

      Glad to know you're using same tricks :)

      Indeed we can easily recognize facebook fake accounts with this trick!

      Keep Visiting!