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Microsoft Xbox One X Review: World's Most Powerful Console

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Video Games is one of the biggest markets in the modern world with the electronic sports segment more popular than ever.

Microsoft Xbox One X Review
Microsoft Xbox One X Review

And with the ever-increasing advancements in games and the push for even more impressive feats in terms of performance and visuals, developers are pushing the games to use every bit of the hardware available to them to deliver the best in class experience. 

And to keep up with these demanding games, the Consoles that run them need to keep up. While your computer may run most of the games if it has impressive specs it would still end up as the costlier option in the long run.

While the console versus Computers war is one without a winner, it does lead to huge advancements for both of them. And considering the Indian market, a console is the perfect option since it offers impressive performance for games for a long time span. 

The latest options from Microsoft are impressive both in cost and performance and a worthy option. And if any of those consoles do impress you, there are fantastic amazon offer’s that would sweeten the joy of buying it with discounts of up to 16% available.

Microsoft Xbox One X

The Xbox One was speculated to be a Marvel in terms of Performance but it could not keep up with the games with less than impressive performance. 

The Xbox One X is the machine that Microsoft billed the Xbox One as. 

It develops over the performance of the Xbox One S to a large extent and runs most games at 4K HDR with an fps of 60, an impressive feat. 

With a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, the device offers the best out of the visual masterclasses that modern games are.

The Device is also part of the Microsoft Xbox Family meaning that it offers compatibility for games of its predecessor consoles. 

That means you do not have to throw out old games if you had some other Xbox before. This lets you play all your old favourites and would seem like a huge plus to anyone... 

...And while the impressive performance is largely dependent on the game, you can be assured that your device won’t back down from the challenge of delivering intense graphics.

Considering the impressive specs, it offers, the Xbox One is priced impressively and can easily outsell any competition from the Sony consoles this time around considering it was outclassed by its predecessor.

Build Quality And Design of Xbox One X:

Codenamed as ‘Project Scorpio’, the Xbox One X is quite similar to the Xbox One S which in turn was an upgrade to the Xbox One and had a case size of 40% smaller to the Xbox One. 

The only major difference in design from the Xbox One S is the different colour tone of the body. Basically, it's a large box like a Blu-ray player with a matte grey finish. 

It's much more sleek and stylish from the bulky Xbox One and the design becomes even more impressive when you realise what it packs under the hood.

These aesthetic changes also include shifting the disc tray compared to its predecessor and only add functionality with respect to predecessors which is a positive thing considering hey did not lack in this aspect.

The console also supports Blu-ray discs, thus doubling as a Blu-ray player.

While 4K Blu-rays aren’t really very common to the general public, it is still a plus in the long run since it is the only console with the ability as of now. 

It features the basics: a power connector, HDMI out and in ports, two USB 3.0 ports, an IR output port, an OA port and an Ethernet port. 

In terms of the gamepad, the console comes with a darker toned controller, but is the same as the one for the Xbox One S, considering all the purposes and keys. 

No point in changing something that's working perfectly.

If you’re still accustomed to your Computer, then worry not, you can soon transition back to the old familiar controls as the Xbox One X is supposed to provide support for the classic mouse and keyboard combo in future updates. 

This is certainly a welcome addition for gamers who demand accurate and responsive controllers for first-person shooters and the rest.

Microsoft Xbox One X Hardware Specifications:

The major difference between the One X and the competitors lies under the hood, and it is really impressive. 

The console is powered by an octa-core processor, clocked at 2.3GHz, coupled with 12GB of the best in class GDRR5 RAM

The graphics processor is clocked at 1172MHz gives it ample graphical power to dish out the 4K performance it promises.

The specs are the best available and would begin the new era of consoles based on 4K HDR gaming for the normal user. 

But there’s a shortcoming, which makes the console still a bit behind the computers, as the 12 GB RAM is the combined memory of the processor and the GPU and isn’t the same as it seems at first.

The processor comes equipped with Jaguar cores which provide the clock speed of 2.3GHz which is nearly an 80% increase in performance compared to its predecessors. 

The numbers are only comparable to the low-end i3 processors but these stats are not really comparable to a gaming computer. 

But Microsoft main competitor is the PS4 Pro from Sony, a more direct rival then the PC. While the PS4 Pro is also a strong offering, with a 2.1GHz processor coupled with 8GB of RAM, the specs still fall short to the superior Xbox One X.

This is the major shortcoming of this otherwise fantastic device. And as of now there are no other high storage editions planned, though a portable hard drive may help you out to some extent. 

Since it is a downgrade from the previous Xbox One S which had a 2TB hard disk, this is a shortcoming they could have avoided. 

With such an impressive spec list, this one is a really attractive option when combined with Amazon offer's offering a real steal of a deal.

Xbox One X Performance:

With all these extravagant specs, the only question on everyone’s mind would be, what it delivers at the end. 

And how the end product compares to the competitors, the answer to which is a simple one, it blows them away. 

The games are as Microsoft promised, high graphics with a stable frame rate doesn't matter if you're using an FHD TV or a 4K one, the game looks truly special on this new-era console.

Considering the performances of each, the Xbox One X supersamples the output for better image quality. What Supersampling Basically means is that the game tries to deliver an output similar to what it would look like in a 4K screen. 

With the lack of the resolution required to deliver the 4K pixels in an FHD screen, the game renders itself to fit in the resolution of the TV and offers more detailed and sharper images.

What it would mean is that even the FHD screen user gets enough benefits of the console with hardly any jagging in the elements and addition of the game looking even more realistic while using an FHD for your Xbox One X. 

And while it would be pretty obvious how the game is better once you a see an FHD game with Supersampling, rather than the normal FHD output, it won't impress you much if you don't bother about the fine graphics of a game.

A 4K screen user would have a complete difference and a much-preferred experience since it lets the console run at full power. 

The games render at the 4K resolution offering the quadruple of an FHD screen in terms of detail and quality. And to make matters better, some games would be even more colourful of sort, thanks to the inclusion of HDR. 

While that is impressive, the real upgrade is in the fluidity of the game and not the visuals.

The issue with consoles is that with all the visuals, it becomes a bit hard for it to output the frames and keep the game smooth. 

Despite various problems in the predecessors, the Xbox One X mostly delivers the 60 FPS, considered a golden number in the industry, although it also hits a few snags with little drops.

Xbox One X Gaming Library:

As advertised, the games enhanced for the Xbox One X are going to run the best on the console. But which games are these, what is exactly enhanced for Xbox One X, the definition is left pretty vague by Microsoft. 

Although a bare minimum to be considered is a 4k performance with 60 frames per second.

And while the games are only developed to offer one of the two, it is a choice for the developers to focus on one according to the game. But what is more surprising is that Microsoft hasn't pressured the developers to develop the game to offer the full advantage of the specs available. 

But Microsoft did promise enhancements for more than a hundred titles, and many of them are Xbox One X ready, with many more to come this year.

Software and UI of the Xbox One X:

An important aspect in everyday usage, the UI is a make or break attraction for many users as fluidity is approval here. 

And despite the Xbox One launch being quite a lot ago, the software hasn’t settled with major changes at every major update. 

The Xbox One X software is a blend of the Xbox 360 UI and the Windows 10 block design.
Like the age-old design of the Xbox 360, the UI is separated to offer different options. 

With Home and store tab’s, and similar tabs for Community and the streaming option from Microsoft, Mixer. 

The navigation from tab to tab is fast and fluid and a refreshing sight. 

A unique addition is the conversion of pinned blocks of most played games into full rows, with the row being full of all information about the game from updates to achievements.

Aside from gaming, the console is also an impressive home entertainment system with 4K-Netflix and a similar app for YouTube available. 

The device is also equipped with the Amazon Prime Video UHD app and can easily work as a Blu-ray player.

Price Range of the Microsoft Xbox One X:

The Xbox One X originally costs about Rs. 48,990 but thanks to many Amazon offer’s it is available for about Rs. 40,990 on Amazon thanks to the 15% discount.

Pros Of Using The Xbox One X:

Here’s what impressed us the most about the console after a couple days of gaming:

  • The Native 4K gaming it offers for selective games
  • The in-built 4K player adds to its functionality
  • Improved performance on UHD screens is very considerate of Microsoft
  • Sleek lightweight Design
  • The controller is still perfect and miles better than the others

Cons Of Using the Xbox One X:

Here’s what we believe could have made the device even more perfect:
  • The 1TB fills up too quickly
  • Not all games are Xbox One X enhanced and perform differently
  • The price for the performance is Skewed
  • The RAM could have been more and well divided.
  • The UI still ends up showing a lot of what we are not looking for.

Expert Review of the Microsoft Xbox One X:

TrustedReviews calls the device an impressive feat by Microsoft and a worthy upgrade to the predecessors. 

Like most of the users, they also found the UI still too cluttered but praised the performance of the games, which promises a perfect device too many.

Cnet calls it as the strongest console one can buy. They were impressed by the performance of the Console formerly known as the Project Scorpio.

How to buy the Microsoft Xbox One X:

Follow these easy steps to buy the Microsoft Xbox One X:
  • Open Amazon website or the mobile app.
  • Log in to your account or sign up for a new one.
  • Search for the Xbox One X.
  • Choose the device and add it to cart.
  • Provide your details such as the delivery address and the contact number.
  • Proceed to the payment
  • Select your choice of payment method.
  • Once the payment is successful, you will receive an SMS and email confirming your order.

Over To You:

So, this was all about Microsoft Xbox One X Review. I hope you enjoyed reading this complete genuine review.

The Microsoft Xbox One X is easily the strongest console available in the market and is available for a steal at 15% off on Amazon. 

The console offers a lot of impressive features and is a must buy for all those at least who have at least once been an Xbox user once. 

The device is available for the perfect deal with a 15% off thanks to Amazon offers.

Are you going to buy Microsoft Xbox One X? Do let me know in the comments below.

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