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Best Google Search Games That You Can Play in 2018

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Today Google totally amazed me! You may ask how? What Google does with you so that you got amazed?

So Google did nothing but it gave me the best google search games.


Let me told the whole story in short...

Actually, I am searching for the Tic Tac Toe game online. I just typed the Tic Tac Toe in google search and I amazed! Do you know what google gives me? It shows me the hidden google games in the search. It gives me the google tic tac toe game to play with google search itself without downloading or even going to another site.

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Then I also searched for the while and get another Google Image search games that I can directly play on the google.  There are some google doodle games as well.

Today I am going to share the games that I have found that you can play and believe me all the games you will going to love very much.

Best Google Search Game - Tic Tac Toe

This google games may be the best source to get out of your boredom. You can even play this games on your workplace without installing on your pc or going to any harmful site. Just typing a game name on the google.

So the best Google search and Google Homepage games for 2018 are as follows.

Best Google Search Games.

Pac Man

Google search games - Pac Man

Pac Man is one of the oldest game created in the Japan in 1980. It played a lot in the video games and people still love this games. If you loved Pac man ever and wanted to play instant then why are you waiting? Just search Pac Man and the google search game is there for you.

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Google search games -Snake

The snake was popular when we were using Nokia phones. Most of them have the built-in Snake game and we played even whole day this game. Because in that time we don’t have smartphones so there is only one option.
But we loved it and again in your routine works boredom you can play and get the past memory by playing the Snake game in the google search.
Google search games -Spooky Cat

This game is shown in the google search on the day of the Halloween in 2016. This game you don’t find in the google search directly but it is in the google doodle game.  I personally found this game very interesting and I recommend you to try out this also here google doodle spooky cat.

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Google search games -Atari Break Down

Atari breakout is also most played the game at the age of the video games. It is also the very amazing game that you can directly play on the google. I also used to play Atari breakout game a lot in my video games while I was the child.
Google search games -Cricket

This is recent game shown in the google doodle while the occasion of the champions trophy. This game is played and liked by users very much. The game is very simple. You just have to do batting and increase the runs, no bowling.  Who doesn't like the cricket without bowling?

Zerg Rush

Google search games -Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is the google's invented strategy game. While you search the Zerg Rush the 0’s fall down from the above and you have to destroy it before o’s destroy your search result. You will find this exciting google search game here.

However, as the other games, this google game is not working on the smartphones. You can play in the desktop computers.


Chrome offline game T Rex

Finally what you can do when the internet connection is down? Google is stepping ahead in this and comes with the T-Rex game in the google chrome browser. When the internet goes down and you see Dinosaur, just tap the space or touch on it. It will run. You have to jump the Dinosaur while hurdle comes.

I often played this game when my office internet connection goes down.

Over To You

These are the some of the best google games for you. There might be the other hidden google games that I don’t know.

If you ever come across any such games then let me know in the comment. It will help readers like you to get the more enjoy this google image games.

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OGYouTube 10.45.53 Latest Version APK Download 2018

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Downloading the video from the YouTube is always the tricky task. Because YouTube does not want that their valuable users download the video from the YouTube.

In that situation, the application like the OGYouTube latest Apk 2018 comes for helping you. However, there are many apps available that lets you download the video from the youtube.

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OG YouTube Latest Apk For Free

Even now youtube also allow you to download the video to watch the offline but the limitation is that you can not share the actual video file with anyone.

Other some apps are banned by Google on play store so that you can not download this type of the application from the play store directly.

Download the LAtest version for OGYouTube Android apk for 2018

OGYouTube Android App is one of such application that lets you experience the actual youtube player as well as the YouTube video downloader.

Today we are going to share the amazing features of the OGYouTube latest Apk 10.45.53 So that you can take the advantage of this amazing youtube downloader for the Android.

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Here we will also share the direct download link to the OG YouTube latest version Apk. Currently, the version 10.45.53 is the most recent official version of the OG YouTube application.

Download the OGYouTube Apk From Here

Installation Guide for OG YouTube:

After Downloading the OG YouTube goto file explorer and go to the folder where you have downloaded the Apk file.

Double tap on that App and install the Apk file.

You may not allow installing the Apk because by default Android prevents users to install the Application outside the Play Store for the security reasons. But You don’t worry you still can install the OG YouTube on your Android mobile.

To Allow app installation from unknown source goto settings -> privacy -> Turn on the Unknown Sources.

OG YouTube Latest Apk Installation Guide

Then tap on the OG YouTube Apk installer and Install the Latest version of the Best Android YouTube Downloader on your android phone.

Features of the OGYouTube

OGYouTube is the same as the older YouTube version with Download button on the video. You don’t find any difficulty at all to use the OG YouTube HD YouTube video free download.

Latest Version of the OG YouTube

1. Download the Any Video of the YouTube in Quality of your choice.
You can download the videos directly in HD to lowest possible quality in many formats like mp4, MKV etc.

2. Direct Download the MP3 of the Video.
Yes, you read it right. If you want to download only Mp3 of your favourite mp3 song than also OG YouTube allows you to do it.

3. Play Video in BackGround and While Screen Off.
Youtube let's not allow you to play the video in the background and while the screen of. But OGYouTube lets you play any video in the background.

4. Privacy Options
You can clear the search history as well as the Pause the search history of the video search that is the lacking in the official youtube application.  

Over To You

So this was all about the latest version of the OG YouTube application. We are sure that you certainly love the OG YouTube youtube video downloader application for the Android.

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Xiaomi Launches MIUI 9 Global Rom for India on November 2

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Since Xiaomi announced it’s Android-based OS MIUI 9. It is the most awaiting Update of the Xiaomi. However, the Xiaomi has launched its Chinese version of the ROM back in the August 12.

In India and other countries still, users are waiting for its MIUI 9 version. Xiaomi officially announced that it is going to rolling out the MIUI 9 global ROM for India in the November 2 event.

MIUI 9 for Redmi Xiaomi Release on November 2

The devices that are getting the latest update also get the Android Nogut update. Xiaomi already released the list of the devices which will get the update. The list of the devices that get the MIUI 9 update is as follow:

  • Mi Mix 2
  • Mi 5
  • Mi 4
  • Mi 4i
  • Mi 3
  • Mi Max 2
  • Mi Max/Prime
  • Redmi Note 4
  • Redmi Note 3
  • Redmi Note Prime
  • Redmi 4
  • Redmi 4A
  • Redmi 3S/Prime/Plus
  • Redmi 2/Prime
MIUI 9 comes with more advanced features and It is based on the Android version 7.1.2 Nougat.

MIUI 9 is the lighting fast than previous version MIUI 8. It is significantly increased the performance of your Android device.

The newer OS version gets the lots of updates including the Performance update. It will also use the AI for searching Image. I personally notice the update in the Alarm clock app, Silent scheduler, Speed of the phone increased and the cool themes.

So be ready to get the latest MIUI 9 for your Redmi device on November 2.

Over To You:

So this was all about Xiaomi launches MIUI 9 global ROM for India on November 2. I hope you loved reading this article.

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Download GB Whatsapp 6.20 Latest Apk

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Whatsapp is nowadays a de facto messaging app for  Android users. 

Android users who want more privacy, amazing features and security for them GB Whatsapp is the must have the application on their Android smartphone.

Today in this Article we are going to share about the cool features of GB Whatsapp. 

How to download the GB Whatsapp Latest Apk v 6.20 from Direct Download Link. 

Installation and usage guide of the GB Whatsapp and much more.

Download Latest Version GB Whatsapp

What is GB Whatsapp version 6.20 Latest Android Apk:

GB Whatsapp is the unofficial version of the Whatsapp Apk. It has more advanced privacy, Security and other features than the original whatsapp. You can use GB Whatsapp in place of your exiting Whatsapp application.

We will share download link of the latest version of the GB Whatsapp application. Current Version of the GB Whatsapp is the v6.20. You can also find the most popular version of the GB Whatsapp which is 5.90 on the internet.

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You might have doubt that if it is the unofficial version than the GB Whatsapp is secure for use? Is it have any privacy concerns and security issues? Is whatsapp Banned your number if you use the GB Whatsapp?

The answer to all the above question is No. You don’t have to worry about your privacy and security while using the GB Whatsapp. It will also not going to ban you.

Direct Download Link of the Latest Official Version of the GB Whatsapp

Installation of the GB Whatsapp on your Android Phone

Download Latest Version of the GB Whatsapp from above link.

You might have not directly allowed installing the Apk on your phone because your phone does not have permission to install from the unknown source.

To Allow app installation from unknown source goto settings -> privacy -> Turn on the Unknown Sources.

GB Whatsapp 6.20 Latest Version Apk

Then click on the GB Whatsapp Apk and Install the Application.

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The Installation process is similar to the Whatsapp Application for Android.

Install GB Whatsapp In your Android Device

Now You have the GB Whatsapp Installed on your Android device. You may want to know the advanced features of the GB Whatsapp latest Android version.

Features of the GB Whatsapp v6.20

GB Whatsapp has the tons of features compares to the Whatsapp application. You can run your whatsapp account from Whatsapp and can contact all your Whatsapp friends and contacts With the more powerful option. 

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The best thing is that you don’t have to require the rooted Android phone to use the GB Whatsapp.

The key features of the GB Whatsapp application are as follows:

  • Hide last seen for the selected contact from your contact list.
  • Identify Message type whether it broadcasted or the Manually sent.
  • Send the broadcast to the 600 people instead of  250 in the original whatsapp.
  • Hide the second tick option for reading the message so No one can spy you.
  • Selfie flash added in the latest version of the GB Whatsapp.
  • Send video file of 90 MB instead of the 16 MB.
  • Video also supported in the BG Whatsapp latest apk for Android.
  • You can see other last seen even hiding your last seen status and can also set the fake last seen status.
  • Tons of amazing pleasant themes available for free download.
  • Hide name and the date while copying the bulk messages and you can directly forward without adding the name of the sender in bulk.
  • You can set the status of 250 Words which is only limits to 139 words in the whatsapp.
  • You can the status of your friend directly in the clipboard.
  • New Text status option is also available in the GB Whatsapp.

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Over to You:

So this is all about the GB Whatsapp Latest Android version 6.20 apk. We are sure that you enjoy the GB Whatsapp.

If you like the GB Whatsapp and use it then please share your review in the comment box below. So that other reader can have more insights about your experience.