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Keep Your Android Clean with Google's Files Go

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We are living in the world where our phones continuously receiving or producing the data. Social media like Whatsapp, Facebook are some of the conventional sources that dumped the junk and unwanted files on our phones.

Cleaning up these unwanted files from Android phone, not an easy task because sometimes we also have very few important data among the garbage.

You might have used cleanup files for that. But we all have the same experience about the various cleanup files that they are useless and they just many times deleted important data as well.

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But Android master google identified your problems and developed the Files Go Cleanup app for you.

Files Go File Manager cum Cleaner App By Google

I know you think that this is just another Cleanup app on the play store. But wait this is not a simple cleanup app. The google Files Go is more ahead on this domain, and it is using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning which makes it smarter and makes your job very easy to identify and clean up the Junk files from your Android phones.

And also don’t assume that this is just a Garbage cleaner for the Android. It has more features than that. It may become future’s default Android file manager too which are generally vendor-specific and very low featured apps.

Files GO File Manager By Google

Download Files Go Cleanup App from Play store.

Features of the Google Files Go Android Application.

1 . Free up more space

Files go have the faster and efficient file cleaner ever. You can quickly delete app caches, Temporary files, unwanted files from your phone like images, videos, etc. Files go also find out the duplicate files from your phone. And it is also able to identify the similar looking photos that seem like a duplicate.

2. AI-based Smart Recommendation system

We told that Files go leveraging the power of Artificial intelligence and the machine learning. It recommended more smartly and accurate as you use the app more.

Files Go Junk File Cleaner By Google

3. Encrypted File Sharing

Files go can securely share the files in LAN with WPA2 encryption. So that there is no fear of the theft.

4. Backup your files to any cloud

By using the Files Go you can store online in any cloud provider’s storage service. So there is no loss of the data in case of the loss of the Android smartphone.

Files Go By Google

5.  Search  the files faster

Using the filters, you can find your files even faster than the traditional directory search.

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6. Lightweight Application

Files Go only consumes less than the 6 Mb your phone storage and consumes less processing power.

Over To You

We recommended you to give a try to the Google’s Files Go once over the other legacy cleanup and the storage manager application.

However, Files Go have not still all features that other storage managers like ES explorer. But in future, it may become the default Android file manager too.

To take more advantage of this cleanup files, you have to train it by using more and more because this is the machine learning based application which learns from your usage.

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11 Google Search Tricks for 2018

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We can not imagine the internet without the google search and other google’s product. Even Google has now become the synonym of the Internet search. Best google search tricks ever.

We often write about the hidden facts and of the google such as our recent article on the Top 7 Google search hidden games.

Today again I come with some of the best google search tricks ever that you even can not imagine that the Google is so cool in keeping their user happy.

Google Search Tips

Google search games, Google gravity, Google doodles in special occasions are such an example of the Google's effort towards making user happier.

Today I will tell you about the best google search tips that will help you in your everyday life as well some that you can use as the time pass fun.

Best Google Search Tips that  You Should Know

1. Barrel Roll

Google Search Tricks for 2018

To make someone astonish this is the best google hidden search hack ever.
By typing “Do A Barrel Roll” in Google, Google search screen rotate by 360 degrees.

This trick will work on desktop as well as the Mobile screen.

2. Flip A Coin

Do you often need to flip a coin? Now after don’t look in a pocket or for any application. Just Type “Flip A Coin” in the Google and Google will flip the coin for you.

3. Roll a die

11 Google Search Tricks

Like the flip, a coin google will also roll the six-sided die for you. This search trick is the simplest alternative of the physical dies.

4. Tip Calculator

Google search and tips and tricks

I Can bet that you never ever imagined before that that Google can also calculate the tip for your waiter in hotels bill.  Just typing Tip Calculator in google the tip calculator opens in the search result.

You have to enter the total bill and the percentage that you want to give to your waiter as a tip. It will also calculate the tip per person.

5. Search for two queries in the one result.

If you want to know about the Two things simultaneously then use OR between two queries you will get the two search results.

E.g. By typing the “Smartphone OR Paris”  you will get the search result for Paris as well as the smartphone both.

For this query make sure that you will Use Capital letters in the OR.

6. Places to visit in certain area or city

If you want to quickly and the informative search of any Tourist location of particular place than the google this google search tip is for you.

Type the “LocationName Attractions” in google search and you will get the tourist places of that location quickly.

7. Day after N days

Best Google tips and tricks

If you want to quickly calculate the day after the N day then just type the “what day is it in 10 days”. You can get the day name instantly in the search result.

8. Flight status

11 Google Search Tricks for 2018

You can also get the live flight status without using any application and service just by typing the “Flight status _flight number” you will get the live status of the flight.

E.g. Air India 102 you will get the live status of a flight by using this Google hack.

9. Askew

Best google tips and tricks

This is again the fun google trick. Askew means the not in straight level position. By typing “Askew” in google search the search result will get slapped by 30 degrees. This can make astonish to your friend.
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10. Sunrise and the Sunset time

You can get the sunrise and the sunset time of any city or place just by typing the place name _surise / _sunset.

E.g. New Jersey sunset

11. Timer and Stopwatch

Google tricks and tips

This is my favorite google search trick that makes me productive. You can set the timer that you can use to set the goal and also useful in the games that require the timers.

By typing the search phrase you will get your timer and stopwatch in the search result.

Over To You

So this is all about the best google search tips that are tested and working in 2018. If you like this trick then please hit the share button and share this tips with your friends on social media.

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Best Google Search Games That You Can Play in 2018

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Today Google totally amazed me! You may ask how? What Google does with you so that you got amazed?

So Google did nothing but it gave me the best google search games.


Let me told the whole story in short...

Actually, I am searching for the Tic Tac Toe game online. I just typed the Tic Tac Toe in google search and I amazed! Do you know what google gives me? It shows me the hidden google games in the search. It gives me the google tic tac toe game to play with google search itself without downloading or even going to another site.

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Then I also searched for the while and get another Google Image search games that I can directly play on the google.  There are some google doodle games as well.

Today I am going to share the games that I have found that you can play and believe me all the games you will going to love very much.

Best Google Search Game - Tic Tac Toe

This google games may be the best source to get out of your boredom. You can even play this games on your workplace without installing on your pc or going to any harmful site. Just typing a game name on the google.

So the best Google search and Google Homepage games for 2018 are as follows.

Best Google Search Games.

Pac Man

Google search games - Pac Man

Pac Man is one of the oldest game created in the Japan in 1980. It played a lot in the video games and people still love this games. If you loved Pac man ever and wanted to play instant then why are you waiting? Just search Pac Man and the google search game is there for you.

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Google search games -Snake

The snake was popular when we were using Nokia phones. Most of them have the built-in Snake game and we played even whole day this game. Because in that time we don’t have smartphones so there is only one option.
But we loved it and again in your routine works boredom you can play and get the past memory by playing the Snake game in the google search.
Google search games -Spooky Cat

This game is shown in the google search on the day of the Halloween in 2016. This game you don’t find in the google search directly but it is in the google doodle game.  I personally found this game very interesting and I recommend you to try out this also here google doodle spooky cat.

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Google search games -Atari Break Down

Atari breakout is also most played the game at the age of the video games. It is also the very amazing game that you can directly play on the google. I also used to play Atari breakout game a lot in my video games while I was the child.
Google search games -Cricket

This is recent game shown in the google doodle while the occasion of the champions trophy. This game is played and liked by users very much. The game is very simple. You just have to do batting and increase the runs, no bowling.  Who doesn't like the cricket without bowling?

Zerg Rush

Google search games -Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is the google's invented strategy game. While you search the Zerg Rush the 0’s fall down from the above and you have to destroy it before o’s destroy your search result. You will find this exciting google search game here.

However, as the other games, this google game is not working on the smartphones. You can play in the desktop computers.


Chrome offline game T Rex

Finally what you can do when the internet connection is down? Google is stepping ahead in this and comes with the T-Rex game in the google chrome browser. When the internet goes down and you see Dinosaur, just tap the space or touch on it. It will run. You have to jump the Dinosaur while hurdle comes.

I often played this game when my office internet connection goes down.

Over To You

These are the some of the best google games for you. There might be the other hidden google games that I don’t know.

If you ever come across any such games then let me know in the comment. It will help readers like you to get the more enjoy this google image games.

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OGYouTube 10.45.53 Latest Version APK Download 2018

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Downloading the video from the YouTube is always the tricky task. Because YouTube does not want that their valuable users download the video from the YouTube.

In that situation, the application like the OGYouTube latest Apk 2018 comes for helping you. However, there are many apps available that lets you download the video from the youtube.

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OG YouTube Latest Apk For Free

Even now youtube also allow you to download the video to watch the offline but the limitation is that you can not share the actual video file with anyone.

Other some apps are banned by Google on play store so that you can not download this type of the application from the play store directly.

Download the LAtest version for OGYouTube Android apk for 2018

OGYouTube Android App is one of such application that lets you experience the actual youtube player as well as the YouTube video downloader.

Today we are going to share the amazing features of the OGYouTube latest Apk 10.45.53 So that you can take the advantage of this amazing youtube downloader for the Android.

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Here we will also share the direct download link to the OG YouTube latest version Apk. Currently, the version 10.45.53 is the most recent official version of the OG YouTube application.

Download the OGYouTube Apk From Here

Installation Guide for OG YouTube:

After Downloading the OG YouTube goto file explorer and go to the folder where you have downloaded the Apk file.

Double tap on that App and install the Apk file.

You may not allow installing the Apk because by default Android prevents users to install the Application outside the Play Store for the security reasons. But You don’t worry you still can install the OG YouTube on your Android mobile.

To Allow app installation from unknown source goto settings -> privacy -> Turn on the Unknown Sources.

OG YouTube Latest Apk Installation Guide

Then tap on the OG YouTube Apk installer and Install the Latest version of the Best Android YouTube Downloader on your android phone.

Features of the OGYouTube

OGYouTube is the same as the older YouTube version with Download button on the video. You don’t find any difficulty at all to use the OG YouTube HD YouTube video free download.

Latest Version of the OG YouTube

1. Download the Any Video of the YouTube in Quality of your choice.
You can download the videos directly in HD to lowest possible quality in many formats like mp4, MKV etc.

2. Direct Download the MP3 of the Video.
Yes, you read it right. If you want to download only Mp3 of your favourite mp3 song than also OG YouTube allows you to do it.

3. Play Video in BackGround and While Screen Off.
Youtube let's not allow you to play the video in the background and while the screen of. But OGYouTube lets you play any video in the background.

4. Privacy Options
You can clear the search history as well as the Pause the search history of the video search that is the lacking in the official youtube application.  

Over To You

So this was all about the latest version of the OG YouTube application. We are sure that you certainly love the OG YouTube youtube video downloader application for the Android.

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